The Second Annual Disney Institute Animation Event
Celebrating The Classics
August 1-5, 1999


21 Variations on a Bug The animation project created by the guest animation teams.

The team assignment was to create a fifteen to twenty-five second piece of animation themed on the Y2K problem. Each group took a slightly different take on the assignment, although some themes were repeated in several projects.

The music was added during post-production by the animation event instructors.   

Improv Workshop Highlights The highlights of the Improvisational Acting workshops held during the program.

The Improvisational Acting workshop was done in the Disney Institute television studio-- a fully equipped television broadcast facility in property.

The 'back story' was that there were a number of UFO sightings across the country, and the Disney Institute was doing a live broadcast of the events.

You were assigned a role at random-- an anchor, reporter or interviewee-- and a scene (one to six). The anchors, reporters and interviewees could talk to each other, they just couldn't talk to anyone in the other groups-- that is, until you were on camera!

This video was produced by the Disney Institute staff from all of the workshops done during the week.

Improv Workshop - Group 1
The video from the first Improvisational Acting workshop on Monday.
Improv Workshop - Group 2  
The video from the second Improvisational Acting workshop on Monday.

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